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No rain in the forecast - think about padding out feed stocks

Current forecasts show no rain for the South of the country in the next 2 weeks, could be longer. For many of you first cuts were light and although second cuts have been better they have still not filled clamps and on some soils the grass that was there will soon disappear. If you are fortunate to have plenty of last years silage still in the clamps then no action is needed but if you are already feeding this years silage then its time to think ahead.

Options are:

  • try to secure feed from neighbours who perhaps have no livestock,

  • this could be any maize they were growing for sale to AD plants,

  • any big bale silage they may have planned

  • buy cereal crop for whole crop but without rain soon those yields will be very low.

  • sell beef cattle sooner than usual, i.e., now before grass runs out

  • buy extra straw and feed youngstock on straw based diets but straw will be very expensive if it stays dry

  • perhaps now is the time to look at bulk moist feeds, a wide range are available with current indicative prices shown depending on location

All of these are given a relative feed value based on wheat at £175 and Soya at £310. Best buy rankings are also shown. If you think you might have a problem with feed supply then please measure your silage clamps and call us so we can check stocks and discuss which route best fits your needs. We feel moist products will be in high demand and want to get in near the front of the queue to secure supply so act now. Some products are available as clamping loads, some only spot. The make up of these blends varies widely so don’t buy just on price – it needs to be the right product for your system.

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