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May 29, 2020

Current forecasts show no rain for the South of the country in the next 2 weeks, could be longer. For many of you first cuts were light and although second cuts have been better they have still not filled clamps and on some soils the grass that was there will soon disa...

May 7, 2020

Dairy farmers who have been severely hit by Coronavirus will be eligible to receive a one off grant of up to £10,000 under Government plans announced yesterday. 

The payment will cover 70% of the lost income during April and May, so make sure you are keeping accurate re...

May 4, 2020

Any business which have been adversely affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19) can apply for a Government backed loan of up to £50,000 from today. 

  • Loans of £2,000 to £50,000 available up to a maximum of 25% of your annual turnover. 

  • 6 year term. 

  • first year in...

April 27, 2020

DEFRA have today announced that the deadline for BPS applications and Countryside Stewardship annual revenue claims has been extended to 15th June 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

We recommend you still submit your claims and applications as soon as possib...

April 9, 2020

Shoppers are still reporting a problem getting milk in many areas yet as an industry we are dumping milk!! 

Some of you will be facing very serious issues where certain milk buyers supplying the food service sectors have lost almost all of their demand and we hope this...

April 9, 2020


Another fine week of warmer weather has seen grass crops push on.

We looked at a couple of grass samples again this week and sugar levels are very good and would be over 4% if crops were wilted to 30% dry matter, (over 3% is the critical figure).

Protein has...

April 2, 2020

The Basic Payment Scheme is being phased out, and payments will gradually reduce.  We now have confirmation that the final payments will be made for the 2027 scheme year.  Reductions will start from 2021 on a sliding scale dependent on the total value of your current p...

April 1, 2020

We hope you have all avoided the virus so far, and that isolation isn't causing too much disruption.
Grass and Grass silage

We sent an email out last month reminding you not to over-do fertiliser applications as they are so late going on this year. We are still get...

March 24, 2020

The RPA have today announced that they will extend the final claim date for the Small Grant Scheme to 31st July 2020 in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The claim deadline for all CPSG claims was originally set as Midnight on 31st May 2020.

We would suggest you still try...

March 23, 2020

Despite previous refusals to even consider it, the Government have announced that it is pursuing plans through Parliament to relax the three crop rule for all farmers for 2020.  

This news will come too late for many of you, as the seed is in the shed, but it...