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From Kelly Farm Consulting

Details on FETF grant funding for 2024 applications has now been released by DEFRA. The new funding offers 3 grants to help you purchase items that will improve productivity, manage slurry and improve animal health and welfare.


We have answered your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to summarise everything you need to know about the up and coming funding available!

What grant funding is available?

  • There are 3 separate avenues of funding available.

    • Improve productivity – £1,000 up to £50,000.

    • Slurry management - £1,000 up to £50,000.

    • Animal health and welfare - £1,000 up to £25,000.

  • You can apply for any of the above therefore meaning you could receive up to £125,000 grant funding towards the purchase of new equipment.

  • Funding is competitive - you may receive none, some or all of the funding you apply for.

  • The RPA will pay a grant amount of 50% or 60% towards either:

    • The average cost of the item (if the item costs the same or more than the expected average cost in the items list).

    • The actual cost you paid for the item (if the item costs less than the expected average cost listed).

Am I eligible?

  • If you are a farmer, horticulturalist, forestry owner or contractor you are eligible for funding.

  • The Animal Health and Welfare Grant is only available to beef, dairy, sheep, pigs and laying/ broiler chickens.

  • You may also be eligible to apply if you have received FETF grants in the past.

What items are available and how are they scored?



Slurry Management


Animal Health and Welfare 

Can the funding cover second hand items?

  • No. This funding will only cover items that are new and meet the listed specifications. Home built items will also not be funded under this grant.


Are there any additional, new rules for this round of FETF?

  • YES! If you are applying for a grant that is over £25,000, the RPA will require supporting documents for the applicant business. This will be either; financial accounts for the most recent 3 years of trading or for new businesses, the latest tax return, management accounts or statement of income and expenses from an accountant.

  • Evidence of match funding for the balance of the item costs will also be required.


When do applications open?

  • Applications will open shortly (date TBC!). We will send a further newsletter with update when the date is released.

  • There will also be 2 more application windows for productivity, slurry and animal health and welfare items in 2024 (again dates TBC).


What is the application process?

  • Firstly, check the specifications of the items in the items lists (they may have changed since previous rounds!)

  • Then, check the availability of the items with your preferred supplier (but… do not order or buy anything at this stage).

  • Complete the online application process with the Farming Investment Fund service (we can assist with this). This is separate to the RPA online service and will require a new registration.

  • Submit your application. However, if you wish to apply for more than one grant e.g. you wish to apply for items in both slurry management and improving productivity – you will need to submit separate applications for these.

  • Once submitted, you will receive an email of acknowledgement.

  • Applications will then be checked and scored by the RPA.

  • If successful, you will receive a Grant Funding Agreement.


Are goat farms eligible?

It specifically outlines in the guidance that goats are excluded. HOWEVER! The RPA said this in the last round but then advised goat farms could apply as sheep! We are on the case trying to get an answer on this, so we will inform you of the outcome as soon as we know.


Where can I find out more on FETF?

Our team of consultants are always happy to answer your questions and discuss your options for grant funding. Get in touch today using our contact details below!

Charlie Davies

 07904 601104

 Laura Cureton

 07399 117257

 Sam Kelly

 07777 696080

 Office 01454 614624



We are pleased to announce that the Improving Farm Productivity Stage 1 applications are now open! Even better… the grant will now cover 50% of the project costs for robotic and automated equipment.


Who is the grant funding for?

  • The grant funding is open to farming and horticultural businesses. Contractors are also eligible but for the robotic and automated equipment only.

What will the grant pay for?

  • Robotic and automated equipment and systems to aid crop and livestock production.

  • Installation of solar equipment to increase energy resilience and the take up of renewable energy generation on farms.

How much funding is available?

  • The minimum grant available is £25,000 and the maximum grant available is £500,000.

  • The grant will now cover up to 50% of the costs (previously 40%).

  • For solar equipment, the minimum grant is £15,000 and a maximum of £100,000. The grant will cover up to 25% of the solar equipment costs.

  • You can apply for both automated equipment and solar equipment but your total grant funding amount cannot exceed £500,000.

How to apply

  • Stage 1 applications (online checker) will firstly determine if you are eligible to apply for the grant funding and how your project will meet the funding priorities.

  • Stage 1 applications are now OPEN and will close on 21st March 2024.

  • If successful at Stage 1, you will be invited to Stage 2 (full application).

Want to find out more?

You can get in touch with our team of consultants to discuss your options today! Additionally, the RPA will be hosting a webinar on the 30th January 2024 about this grant. Follow the link to get signed up.


We are extremely pleased to hear that today at the Oxford Farming Conference, Environment Secretary Steve Barclay, confirmed that there will be an average uplift of 10% on Environmental Land Management Schemes actions.

Those already in schemes such as SFI and Countryside Stewardship, will automatically benefit from the uplift.

Additional updates from Mr. Barclay, and from DEFRA, today included:

  • Up to 50 new actions to be added to Environmental Land Management Schemes.

  • Promises to deliver streamlined paperwork for schemes, including a single application service for farmers to apply for SFI and CS Mid-Tier.

  • Premium payments for high ambition actions or for delivering packages of actions that will achieve greater environmental benefits (a list of the premium payments can be found at ).

  • Continuation to prioritise an “advise and prevent” approach across all schemes and regulation, which will make things fairer for all farmers participating in schemes.

  • Plans to look at ways to make access to grant funding easier as it is understood some farmers find it hard to find capital.

  • More grants to become available in 2024 to assist farms to “grow more, sell more and make your business more sustainable and resilient for the future..

With the 10% uplift in payments imminent, evaluating your SFI options in 2024 could further help your farming business bridge the gap of declining BPS payments. Book your free telephone consultation with one of our consultants today to discuss how SFI could fit your farming system!

Charlie Davies

07904 601104

Laura Cureton

07399 117257

Sam Kelly

07777 696080

Office 01454 614624


Kelly Farm Consulting 

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