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Maize Crops - Don't Get Caught Out!

The season has been fantastic for maize growing and a lot of the crops we have seen will be ready to cut this week, much earlier than we would normally see.

Weather Forecast

The forecast shows a good dry week this week with rain moving in early next week, so if your crops are ready, make use of the weather window!

Maximise Quality

Some crops are very tall this year, and whilst cob development has been good, they are out of proportion to the stem compared to a ‘normal crop’. Consider cutting higher to increase the total starch content in the clamp. This is a fine balance between quality and quantity!

Clamp Space

If you are worried about clamp space there are four options:

  • cut high

  • leave some in the field and combine it, crimp and agbag

  • sell some standing crop

  • field mushroom heap but there will be a lot of waste. You are supposed to notify Environment Agency and make sure it is not near a water course so this is least favoured option.


As it stands now, there should be little need for any additive – the best additive in our view is diesel in the tank and extra rolling.

If you would like your maize crops checked, please give us a call.

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