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New grants available for Robotics and Slurry Management Equipment

DEFRA have today announced a new round of grant funding to cover Farm Productivity, Water Resource Management and Forestry Productivity.

The Farm Productivity category covers the installation of Robotic equipment (including robots for milking), and Slurry Management equipment. There is also provision for food processing if you are interested in diversifying.

The Water Resource management grants provide funding for above ground water reservoirs.

Grants are for a minimum of £35,000 and will cover 40% of the cost, so the minimum project value will be £87,500.

These are competitive grants, so you wont automatically get the funding. To maximise your chances, the application must clearly demonstrate how your project fits with the priorities.

Deadline for applications is 3 December 2018, so we do have a while, but I would suggest starting work as soon as possible as it will be more work than you think!

If you are interested in putting in an application, and would like some assistance with the application, please contact us as soon as possible. We expect to be very busy with applications so the sooner you contact us the better!

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