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EU Milk Reduction Scheme

Dairy farmers in the UK could be paid up to 12 pence per litre to cut production

The announcement out of Brussels last week is part of a support package for farmers in the light of the current low prices, particularly for milk. The UK will receive a payment of around £25 million to be paid out in support payments.

The UK Government are yet to make a formal announcement, but it is likely that farmers will be given the option to sign up to a voluntary scheme to reduce milk production, with a payment of approx 12 pence per litre for every litre less produced this year compared to last year.

This scheme may will be of significant benefit to many of you, as it may provide an opportunity to send on cull cows earlier than planned, with a view to replacing them at the end of the scheme with younger cows.

We will continue to monitor the scheme and provide an update as soon as more detailed information is available.

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