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The Annual Health and Welfare Review – Registering your Interest

You can now register your interest for a health and welfare review of your livestock!

What is the Annual Health and Welfare Review?

  • A funded visit from your chosen vet to be undertaken at a time that works best for you.

  • The review will allow you and your vet to concentrate on your animals specific health and welfare priorities.

Payment Rates

  • £684 for pigs

  • £436 for sheep

  • £522 for beef cattle

  • £372 for dairy cattle

Payment rates will include the cost of the vets time and diagnostic testing.


To be eligible for the review you must.

  1. Have one of the following.

    1. 11 or more beef or dairy cattle

    2. 21 or more sheep

    3. 51 or more pigs

  2. Have all animals registered in England and be responsible for their welfare.

  3. Have an SBI number linked to a CPH number registered in England.

  4. Have a CPH number (permanent or temporary).

  5. Be eligible for BPS i.e. SBI must have at least 5 ha of BPS eligible land or 5 or more BPS entitlements on the 16th May 2022.

  6. Anticipate making a 2023 BPS claim.

Register your Interest

To register your interest for the scheme – follow the link below.

Or get in touch with a member of the team to discuss the Animal Health and Welfare Review further!


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