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Finally!... What you need to know about the Slurry Infrastructure Grant.

At last! We are pleased to announce that the RPA have now released the date for the Slurry Infrastructure Grant application window.

Are you eligible?

You can apply for the grant if you are a landlord or tenant who is already producing slurry. The grant is only available to pig, beef and dairy farmers. Unfortunately, you are not eligible if you already have 6 months serviceable storage onsite; are a producer of poultry, sheep or arable only; a contracting only service; or horticultural grower.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used for replacing existing stores that are no longer fit for purpose, adding further storage or expanding an existing store.

· The grant will also support the following slurry store accessories:

· Reception pits

· Electric slurry transfer pumps

· Chopper pumps

· Galvanised and polyethylene steel pipework

· Under floor transfer channels

· Slurry store wall or in-situ mixers

· Inspection platforms with ladders

· Safety fencing

How does the grant work?

The application is a 2 stage process.

Stage 1: Before completing the online checker, you must understand your current and future slurry requirements (we can help you calculate this!).

You can then complete the online checker (via the RPA website) to check your eligibility and how much grant you may be able to access, based on your storage needs.

If demand is high, the RPA will prioritise projects with the greatest environmental benefit, based on location. For example, SSSI, Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and wetlands designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. This is due to these sites requiring urgent action to reduce the impact of farming on protected species and habitats. Additionally, air and water quality priority areas will be prioritised.

Stage 2: if you are eligible and your project is prioritised due to its environmental benefits, you will be invited to make a full application. If the full application is eligible and you meet all of the conditions, the RPA will offer you a grant.

How much funding is available?

The minimum grant amount to apply for is £25,000 with the maximum being £250,000. It is to note that you will only receive the standard amount listed for each item (see below!). Grant funding will be paid for in arrears.

Grant Timeline

6th December 2022 - Stage 1 (online checker) applications open.

31st January 2023 - Stage 1 applications close.

28th June 2024 - Stage 2 deadline for submitting full applications.

What to do next!

Get in touch with the Kelly Farm Consulting Team for more information and discuss your options! If we have discussed additional slurry capacity with you in the past, we will be in touch shortly to progress things for you.


Charlie Davies 07904 601104 Laura Cureton 07399 117257 Sam Kelly 07777 696080 Office 01454 614624



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