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Analysis of grass prior to silage making - samples to 28 April 2021

This week’s grass growth newsletter is the final of the season and is the first week to have brought some rain!

Most farms in the South West would have received some much-welcomed rain this week, with more forecast in the coming 7 days. Unsurprisingly, this rain has not influenced growth rates yet, with the AHDB reporting that crops are currently progressing at 37kg DM/ha/day.


Due to silage cuts having taken place, we have used some pre-cut samples from our clients this week. Most of these samples were taken last week with the view of cutting silage imminently should results be as hoped. Sugar contents across the South West continued to rise, a testament to the amount of sun we have had in that week.

If you haven’t taken 1st cut yet, we suggest cutting as soon as you have a weather window. The forecast for our office shows we probably have a 2 day window after today, and then next week is wet again – but please check the forecast for your area!


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