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Dairy Farmer Support Fund: Coronavirus

Dairy farmers who have been severely hit by Coronavirus will be eligible to receive a one off grant of up to £10,000 under Government plans announced yesterday.

The payment will cover 70% of the lost income during April and May, so make sure you are keeping accurate records of milk discarded to ensure that you maximise your claim.

Dairy farmers who have lost more than 25% of their income over April and May due to Coronavirus disruptions will be eligible to access this funding for those qualifying months, with no cap set on the number of farmers who can receive this support or on the total funding available.

There are no details yet as to which species will be covered by the scheme, we now that Dairy Cows will be eligible, but we are seeking clarification for Dairy Goats and Dairy Sheep. The RABDF, in conjunction with Kelly Farm Consulting and the Milking Goat Association are lobbying Government to ensure that funding for Goats and Sheep is forthcoming if they are not already included.

The scheme is not open for applications yet, so for now please keep an accurate record of your losses. We will let you know when the scheme is open.

Stay safe.

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