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Countryside Productivity: Small Grant Scheme

DEFRA have today announced the launch of an add-on scheme to the Countryside Productivity Scheme, particularly focussed on smaller grants.

The grants will cover a range of specific items which have been identified as helping achieve improvements in either:

  • animal welfare

  • resource efficiency

  • nutrient management

A set amount will be paid for each capital item, you do not need to gather quotes!

Grants will be paid at 40% and must be in the range of £3,000 - £12,000 (total spend £7,500 - £30,000).

Items covered by this grant include, amongst others:

  • Handling Systems & Crushes

  • Weigh Systems

  • Shedding Gates

  • Calving Detectors

  • Cluster Flush

  • Automated Foot Baths

  • Heat Detection Systems & Collars

  • Cow Brushes

  • Calf Milk Pasteuriser / Dispenser

  • EID Readers

  • Plate Meters

  • GPS and Variable Rate Controllers

  • Slurry Application Equipment

  • Heat Recovery Units

  • Plate Coolers

  • Variable Speed Drives for Vac Pumps

  • Seed Drills

  • Robotic Silage Pushers

This is probably the most useful grant we have seen for a long time so don't miss out! Get in touch today and we can get your application underway immediately! We don't have long, applications close on 14th March!

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