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Improving Farm Productivity Grant – ROUND 2


Are you looking to improve your farm productivity through the use of robotics or automation systems, wavelength specific LED lighting, advanced ventilation control units or solar PV systems? If yes, then this grant may be for you!

Who can apply?

You must be a farmer or registered contractor in England.

Both land owning and tenant farmers are eligible. For tenant farmers, it is your responsibility to obtain the permissions from the landlord for projects. You can also ask your landlord to underwrite the agreement if necessary.

What is available under the grant funding?

Capital items are available to help improve farm productivity through the following ways.

  1. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of primary agricultural production.

  2. Reducing the farm’s environmental impact resulting in a positive contribution to net zero and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction.

  3. Introducing technical innovation to optimise livestock production and field operations.

  4. Using automation in areas where access to labour is an issue.

How much funding is available?

For farm productivity grants where robotic/ automation equipment, wavelength specific LED lighting and/or advanced ventilation control units are included (not including solar PV equipment), the minimum grant is £25,000 (40% of £62,500). The maximum grant is £500,000 per business.

If your application is for solar PV equipment only, the minimum grant you can apply for is £15,000 (25% of £60,000). The maximum grant being £100,000 per business.

You must submit two separate applications if you wish to apply for both the Solar grant and Farm Productivity grant.

What items could be funded?

Table 1 gives further detail on the items you may consider under the grant funding.

Application Process

The application process is 2 stages and will be scored against the funding priorities. Grants will be awarded to the highest scoring applications!

Stage 1 – Online Checker

The online checker will determine if you are eligible and how well the project will meet the funding priorities.

We do not have an official date for the online checker opening, but it is anticipated to open in January and run through to March 2024.

Stage 2 – Full Application

If successful at Stage 1, you will be invited to make a full application. If the full application scores highly enough, the RPA will make a grant offer.

If you have a project that will fit the grant funding items above, get in touch with a member of the Kelly Farm Consulting Team to further discuss your options! We will also be in touch with clients who have already expressed interest in projects eligible under this funding.

Charlie Davies

07904 601104

Laura Cureton

07399 117257

Sam Kelly

07777 696080

Office 01454 614624


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