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CS Capital Grants Application Deadline Approaching

The deadline of 30th April 2021 for submitting Countryside Stewardship Capital Grant Applications is fast approaching.

As a reminder, these applications can only be made for land parcels that are not currently within a Mid Tier, Higher Tier, or ELS/HLS scheme. They have a £60,000 cap but only £20,000 can be spent in each of the three sections (Boundary, Air and Water quality).

Important Change to Fencing Eligibility

Since the window for submitting these applications was opened in February, the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) have made a significant change to their guidance when submitting applications including fencing. The RPA has now confirmed that fencing options (post & wire and sheep netting) in CS Capital Grants applications can only be located "to prevent water pollution caused by farming". However, the use of such options in a Mid Tier scheme has not changed – they can still be used to protect environmental features such as hedges. .

For assistance in applying for these schemes, or to see if a Mid Tier scheme could be beneficial to your business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The Kelly Farm Consulting Team!

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Charlie Davies 07904 601104

Pete Kelly 07970 942668

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