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Countryside Stewardship - take it whilst you can!!

Countryside Stewardship is now open for applications. The deadline for Mid Tier applications is 29th July, and Higher Tier is 29th April.

With BPS reducing, Countryside Stewardship is a perfect way to top up some of the income you will be losing. We can work with you to design a scheme which will compliment your existing farming enterprises whilst also providing a boost to overall farm income. The payment rates for Countryside Stewardship annual revenue options have been reviewed, and some have increased significantly, so now is a great time to look at the options.

Countryside Stewardship is only available for applications this year and next year. After that, your only option will be the Sustainable Farming Incentive, which currently has very disappointing payment rates compared to Countryside Stewardship.

Countryside Stewardship is a 5 or 10 year agreement, and if the Sustainable Farming Incentive payment rates improve in this time and you would be better off under that scheme, you will be allowed to transfer.

One change this year is that the stand alone Capital Grants under Countryside Stewardship will remain open all year, or until the pot of money is allocated. If you are looking at any options as a stand-alone grant, we would suggest getting the application in as soon as possible to ensure you secure it in time.

Get in touch today and we will take you through the options for your situation.

Sam Kelly 07777 696080

Charlie Davies 07904 601104

Pete Kelly 07970 942668

Office 01454 614624


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