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Small Grant Scheme Round 2 OPEN NOW!!

DEFRA have today (finally!) announced the launch of Round 2 of the Small Grant Scheme.

If you applied for funding round 1 of this scheme, you can also apply under Round 2, but the total value of both claims must not be above £12,000. So if you utilised the full grant available under round 1 then round 2 is unfortunately not available to you. If you applied under round 1 but the application was rejected or withdrawn, you can apply for the full £12,000 under round 2.

The grants will cover a range of specific items which have been identified as helping achieve improvements in either:

  • Technical efficiency

  • animal health & welfare

  • resource efficiency

  • nutrient management

A set amount will be paid for each capital item, you do not need to gather quotes!

Grants will be paid at 40% and must be in the range of £3,000 - £12,000 (total spend £7,500 - £30,000).

The full list of eligible items and their standard value can be found here

This is probably the last time we will see this grant so don’t miss your chance! Get in touch today and we can get your application underway immediately!

Applications close on 3rd September!

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