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Unique Dairy Farming Opportunity

Ottinge, Canterbury, Kent

We are looking to appoint a dynamic Contractor to provide long term farming services for a 200 acre dairy farm in Ottinge, Canterbury, Kent.

The current farming business comprises of:

  • 67 milking cows.

  • 200 acres - growing winter barley, maize and grass.

  • On site processing of dairy products including cheese and yogurt, with surplus milk being sold to Arla.

  • On site farm shop and vending machines.

Raw milk sales are a key enterprise for the farming business, therefore excellent hygiene standards are essential.

Applicants are required to provide the necessary labour and skills. The landowner will provisionally provide machinery required for the day to day farming activities, along with the existing herd.

3 bedroom accommodation will be available to rent by separate agreement.

This will be an enjoyable challenge for a forward thinking, innovative candidate! The landowner will be active in providing guidance to the Contractor to ensure a smooth handover of day to day farming activities, including provision of training on the processing aspects of the business.

A suitable candidate is anticipated to have good technical knowledge of dairy farming and suitable business ability.

Successful candidate to be appointed by July 2023.


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