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Our team is expanding!

We are delighted to announce that Lewis Graham will be joining us as a Ruminant Nutritionist in September. Lewis is from a farming background, and graduated from the Royal Agricultural University in 2015 with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Management, with a top-up in Advanced Animal Production, Countryside Management, Farmland Ecology and Climate Change and Development. Since leaving University, Lewis has worked as an Account Manager for For Farmers and also as UK Dairy Sales Manager for Agri-Lloyd. We were very impressed with Lewis' knowledge in Ruminant Nutrition, and he was certainly put through his paces in a long interview process! We have always worked to ensure that the whole team

Greening to be removed from 2021

The Government have announced that the Greening element of the Basic Payment Scheme will be removed from 2021. The change to the rules will remove the need for the 3 crop rule, and the Ecological Focus Area which will significantly simplify the scheme for many farmers and land owners. These changes will not affect the overall payment received by each farmer as the Greening element of the subsidy will instead be added to farmers’ entitlements under the Basic Payment Scheme. The Greening rules fell under EU law, and these requirements have historically delivered very little for the environment. There are no other changes announced to the scheme, or Cross Compliance at this stage.



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