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Small Grant Scheme Success!

We are delighted to have had a 100% success rate on the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme applications we completed for our clients in the Spring! This has secured funding in excess of £50,000 at a 40% funding rate towards a range of items from Seed Drills to full cluster flush systems. It is expected that the scheme will open for applications again later in the year, we will keep you posted!

Hedges Mapping Issues

Over the last year, the RPA have very helpfully mapped all of the hedges in the country and the details are now showing within Rural Payments in the View Land section. As with most ‘helpful’ things the RPA do, they have got it completely wrong, and its actually ended up creating even more work to correct the issues. If you are using hedges for EFA (or Countryside Stewardship), the official advice from RPA is to submit your BPS claim based on the hedges actually on the ground, and then submit an RLE1 detailing all of the hedge corrections. You will need to identify each section of hedge they have missed and the measurement of that hedge. If you do not use hedges for EFA or Countryside Stewa



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