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NVZ Area Changes

Is your farm coming in to an NVZ area from 1st January? NVZs for 2017 to 2020 start on 1 January 2017. They include new areas of NVZs, and exclude areas that have been de-designated. Some of you will be definitely be affected by this change, with some of your farms coming in to an NVZ area for the first time. You can use the ‘Whats in my Back Yard’ tool to find out if your land is going to be in an NVZ from 1st January. Defra sends written notices in early 2017 to any person who owns or occupies land completely or partly within an NVZ, but it is worth checking now so that can be prepared to make any changes you need to make early in the new year. If you need any assistance checking your far

New grant available... but don't get too excited!

The Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant Scheme is now open for applications DEFRA have finally announced details of how they will spend the pot of money they currently have available for investment in Agriculture, but it’s nothing to get too excited about I’m afraid! The grant is called the ‘Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant Scheme’ and will contribute towards the cost of covering existing slurry stores. £61/m2 is available for self supporting slurry store covers, or £11.20/m2 for floating covers. That’s it I’m afraid, the grant won’t be covering anything else. There are some of you that this could potentially be useful for. Full details can be found at The application



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